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History of the Embassy
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Records show that as far back as 1837, under Belgium’s Leopold I, there were already nominations for a Belgian consul in Manila. From 23 August 1845, political reports were already being received from the Consul General of Belgium in Manila. In 1935-1940, reports about the Philippines were being received from Washington. Then in 1946, such reports originated from Washington, Madrid and Nanking. In fact, a consul was stationed in Manila even during the war. In January 1949, the Belgian government decided to open a legation in Manila with a Chargé d’Affaires, Mr. Guillaume. Mr. Guillaume later presented his credentials on 25 September 1952 as “Minister of Belgium”.

Officially however, diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Belgium were established on 4 July 1946. Below is a historical sketch of the Embassy in Brussels:

Date of establishment

Type of establishment

Head of post

Date of tenure

Deputy Chief of Mission

Date of tenure

1964 Embassy to Belgium and Luxembourg SINGIAN, Vicente 1964-1971 NANAGAS, Virgilio 1969-1973
FAUSTINO, Carlos 1973-1978 VEGA, Wilfredo (No data)
LIWANAG, Antero (No data)
MANALO, Armando D. 1979-1985 Aguillon, Maxie S. 1979-1982

Mission to the European Communities

MANALO, Rosario G. 1979-1985 ALLAREY, Ronald B. 1982-1985
1985-1988 BASILIO, Norberto R. 1985-1989
ROMULO, Roberto R. 1990-1992 ZAIDE, Jose A. 1990-1993
PEDROSA, Alberto 1993-1995 GOMEZ, Phoebe A. 1993-1996
TORRES, Julius D. 1995-1997
CASTRO, Pacifico A. 1996-1997 BUENSUCESO, Elizabeth P. 1996-1999
FERNANDEZ, Jose U. 1998-2000
AGUILUCHO-ONG, Farita A. 1999-2000
MONTESA, Clemencio F. 2000-2004 MORALES, Anna Marie 2000-2006
ORTEGA, Cristina G. 2006 to Jan 2010 STA. CATALINA, Ma. Angelina M. 2008 to 2009
MANALO, Enrique A.

19 Feb 2010 - 03 Oct 2011

MAURO, Marichu B. 2010 - Mar 2012
BATACLAN, Victoria S. 10 Oct 2011- 11 Sept 2016


BOLIVAR, Robespierre


Apr 2012 -  29 Jun 2012

2012 - Dec 2015

18 May to 11 Sept 2016