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Philippine Trade
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The Philippine Trade and Investment Center of the Philippine Embassy and Mission in Brussels, Belgium is the Commercial Section of the diplomatic post and has 3 main functions

Trade Promotion


  • Trade Promotion is the main goal of the Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Belgium.
  • To increase trade from the Philippines to Belgium, PTIC Brussels assists Philippine companies by providing information
    • about the market - overview, opportunities and risks
    • information on market access laws, rules and regulations, and
    • provide business matching services that will facilitate trade with Belgium
  • Likewise, PTIC Brussels also provides information to Belgian and Luxembourg businesses interested in trade with Philippine companies by providing the same information on the Philippines
    • Market Intelligence and Information - Market Overview, Trends and Opportunities,
    • Information on Market access laws, rules and regulations
    • Business Matching with Philippine companies
  • Marketing is an important regular activity where PTIC directly seeks excellent potential trade partners that will bring business and capital to the Philippines and providing information on the sectors, industries and geographical areas that will answer the demand of Belgian and Luxembourg companies.

Investment Promotion

  • PTIC Brussels will provide comprehensive information on the Philippines' investment climate and policies to potential investors from Belgium and Luxembourg and companies already doing business with or in the Philippines by actively seeking excellent potential investors in key sectors where the Philippines is an excellent choice and destination for Belgian and Luxembourg investments.
  • Taking the lead in the promotion of investments from the Board of Investments (BOI), PTIC Brussels assists potential investors from Belgium and Luxembourg to venture and prosper in desirable areas of economic activities in the Philippines.
  • PTIC Brussels shall provide the following services:
    • Investment Intelligence: Market overview, Trends and Opportunities
    • Information on Market access laws, rules and regulations to facilitate the unimpeded entry of Investments from Belgium and Luxembourg to the country
    • Business Matching with Philippine companies, sectors and industries
    • Provide information on the various fiscal and legal incentives to investors under BOI, PEZA and other special economic zones.
  • Marketing Philippine Investment Opportunities in sectors of the most potential is PTIC Brussels' priority by actively identifying and approaching said investors or associations and groups of investors.

Trade Policy Negotiations

  • PTIC Brussels, under the guidance of the Ambassador and the Department of Trade and Industry and the Bureau of International Trade Relations, shall represent and protect the interests of the Philippines and its industries in the European Commission
  • Responsibilities include, among others:
    • Presentation and Negotiation of Government Position in Consultative meetings held by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION
    • Defend and monitor Philippine interests in trade issues with the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, and the host governments
    • Representation in the EUROPEAN COMMISSION Asean Free Trade Agreement
    • Representation and presentation of Philippine government position in GSP negotiations, WCO negotiations, tariff negotiations, etc.
    • Represent and ably defend Philippine companies in trade disputes


For more information, please contact:


Avenue Louise 207, Bte 5
B - 1050 Brussels
Tel. Nos.  +32 2 649.44.00  +32 2 649.44.00 ; 649.89.48
Fax No. - +32 2 649.89.40
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: /


Philippine Embassy in Brussels


297 Avenue Moliere, 1050 Brussels



Trunkline: (+32) 02 340 33 77 to 78

Fax Number: (+32) 02 345 64 25



Consular matters: (+32) 02 340 33 73
Consular matters: (+32) 02 340 33 74


Appointment_UrgentOperating Hours of the
Consular Section

  • Assessment and processing of applications for consular services is from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Mondays to Fridays (except Belgium & Philippine declared holidays)



Duty Officer: (+32) 0488 609.177




Consul General, a.h. (Antwerp, Belgium)
Telefax: +323 325 71 16
GSM +324 754 609 32

Consul a.h. (Antwerp, Belgium)
GSM +324 754 228 61
Fax: +323 325 71 16


Consul General a.h. (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)
Fax No. 352.421.245.555







PH Trade & Investment Center


Jose Antonio S. Buencamino

Commercial Counselor
Avenue Louise 207, Bte 5B, 1050
Brussels, Belgium View Map
Tel: +32 2 649.44.00 / 649.89.48
Fax: +32 2 649.89.40

Agricultural Office


Pit Laquian

Agricultural Attaché
Tel:  +(32) 02 340 37 90 
Fax: +(32) 02 343 02 69
For more information on the Philippine agricultural sector, please visit the following website:






Republic Act No. 10590 An Act Amending Republic Act No. 9189, entitled "An Act Providing for a System of Overseas Absentee Voting by Qualified Citizens of the Philippines Abroad, Appropriating Funds Therefor and for other Purposes" (Click here)



For more details, please visit the Embassy's Consular Section, or contact us through telephone numbers 02.340.3377 to 78 or email us at

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