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Amb. Bataclan welcomes SLU Glee Club
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Philippine Ambassador to Belgium Victoria Bataclan welcomes the Saint Louis University Glee Club, Dance Troupe and Tanghalang SLU during its first ever European tour

20 October 2011 -- Her Excellency Victoria Bataclan, Philippine Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and Head of the Philippine Mission to the European Union, welcomed the Saint Louis University Glee Club, Dance Troupe and Tanghalang SLU (theater group) to Belgium by joining them last Sunday, 16 October 2011, for the Filipino mass at the St. Remy Church in Brussels and watching their performance - the first ever in Europe - for the Filipino community there.

The group, collectively known as the SLU Center for Culture and Arts (CCA), had prepared two formats for its series of performances in Belgium: one part of the performance is called "Pamana" (Heritage), which is a rich cultural show case of the best of the various regions of the Philippines, since the time of the colonial period up to the present.

The second part of the group's performance called "Inglay" is a neo-ethnic dance drama that depicts the practices, traditions and rituals of the highland people. As a larger performance space was necessary, "Inglay" had been intended for the group's performances in the bigger venues, namely at the University of Gent (October 22) and the Katholieke Universiteit (K.U.) Leuven (October 21).

The administration of K.U. Leuven was responsible for bringing the SLU CCA to Belgium, in recognition of the past six years that it enjoyed a partnership of academic and research cooperation with SLU.

Instrumental to this visit was Reverend Father Paul Van Parijs, former President of Saint Louis University, from the Belgian Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CICM) that founded SLU in 1911. SLU celebrates its centennial this year.

In a lunch hosted by Ambassador Bataclan for the SLU Group at the Philippine Embassy today, she congratulated them for a "world-class performance" and expressed her wish that "SLU could soon be able to join the ranks of the other prestigious Filipino chorale groups that are able to participate in international chorale competitions such as the Concorso Polifónico Guido d'Arezzo (International Guido d'Arezzo Polyphonic Contest) and the European Choral Grand Prix".

Apart from its performances in Brussels and at the universities, the SLU group has lined up performances in various churches namely in Kortrijk (held on October 17), Luchteren (held on October 20), Gent (for October 22) and Tienen (for October 23).END.






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