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Kalayaan 2016 celebrations in Belgium and Luxembourg
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The Philippine Embassy in Brussels conducted a two-day consular mission in Luxembourg over the weekend in time for the celebration of the Filipino community of the 118th anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine independence.

The consular mission on 11 June 2016 was conducted at the EY office along Kennedy Avenue, Luxembourg City. The second day of the consular outreach was done in the 12th of June in Rosport, Luxembourg, where some 200 Filipinos simultaneously celebrated Independence Day 2016.

Some 50 Filipinos availed of the consular services including legal clinic. Some Filipinos residing in western Germany and eastern Belgium also joined the festivities and availed of consular services; they thanked the Embassy for making the services available near the Luxembourg-Germany border. "We normally take leaves of absence if we renew our passports in Berlin. I hope you come to Luxembourg regularly," said one permanent resident in Limburg.

The Independence Day celebration in Luxembourg was made possible through the efforts of four large Filipino organizations in the Grand Duchy. If featured Filipino folk dances like “Tinikling” and Subli and songs like “Usahay” and was preceded with a holy mass. Native Philippine products like Tanduay rum and imported fruits like Philippine mango and saba banana were sold by the community.

Consul Oliver Delfin attended the event on behalf of Ambassador Victoria Bataclan. Mr. Delfin congratulated the leaders for preparing for and successfully hosting the event and wished them continued cooperation and unity for the benefit of the interests of Filipinos and the Philippines in Luxembourg. "We go where Filipinos collectively go so we could provide consular services on site," he told the crowd in a short talk.



Brussels, 08 June 2016. --- Ambassador Victoria S. Bataclan, Philippine Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg and Head of the Philippine Mission to the European Union, speaking before attendees of the celebration of the 118th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence in Brugge on 4 June 2016, paid homage to the freedom-loving Filipinos in Belgium and Luxembourg and expressed her greatest admiration to the efforts that they are exerting in the name of peace and development and for everything that contributes to the welfare of our countrymen in the Philippines and around the world.

Ambassador Bataclan encouraged the Filipinos to continue the work and continue to persevere in being useful members of the society and of our country.

She also mentioned that this year is also the 70th year of Philippine-Belgian relations and we are celebrating the ties that bind (as exemplified by the presence of Fr. Carlo Magno Gano Buyayo, one Filipino CICM priest missionary priest who is already based in Congo for 11 years).

Furthermore, she reminded everyone that it is also the 125th Anniversary of the printing of El Filibusterismo in Ghent and that Filipinos in Belgium should be thankful of the fact that Belgium welcomed our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal in those times that he was in dire need of a haven to print his novel .

The celebration is being organized by World Mission for Peace and Development (WMPD), a non-profit, non-government organization which was founded on 14 February 1995 to “bring humanitarian assistance and development to the underprivileged and impoverished sectors of the society”. Its President, Mrs. Consorcia Scholtz – de Leon is instrumental in forming such Filipino groups as the Silayan International Society, Bayanihan sa Belgium, Kulturang Pinoy Gent, Philippine Women’s Club and the different Catholic ministries in the East Flanders area.



Brussels, 12 June 2016. --- The Philippine Embassy joined the celebration of Independence Day on June 12 by the Filipino umbrella group, Council of Filipino Associations in Flanders (COFAF), led by Ms. Minabelle Siason, held at the Beurshalle Exhibition Hall in Brugge.

The day-long celebration began with a mass officiated by Father Rhodel Nacional.

The program featured cultural presentations by groups consisting of Filipino and Belgian dancers and singers, including children. Proceeds of the charity will be given to San Isidro Elementary School in Negros Occidental, as part of COFAF’s Classroom Project


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