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ePassport Application Form

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Appointment_UrgentOperating Hours of the
Passport Section


- Assessment and processing of application for a travel document is from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

- Mondays to Fridays (except Belgium & Philippine declared holidays)

Note: Collection of travel document may be delegated to an immediate relative provided there is a letter from the applicant authorizing his or her relative to receive the travel document. Applicants should come appropriately attired.


exclamationImportant information regarding your passport

However, the philippine embassy strongly recommends that you renew your passport 6 months before the expiration date and the dates you plan to travel. For more information, please call 02/340.33.73 or 74.



Passport Services
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Passport Services

The Embassy of the Philippines issues electronic passports (ePassport) which are printed in the Philippines.

The Embassy recommends that you apply for a new passport about nine months before your passport's expiration date.

This is because the production of the passport is done in the Philippines. The Embassy has no control over the production of passports or its shipment to Europe; hence, the Embassy cannot assist in the expedited production or delivery of passport. The Embassy can only advise on the expected availability of new passports for collection.

The Embassy will allow application for a new passport a year or more before the current passport's expiration when the latter's visa pages are running out, when the applicant is due for pass renewal or will be making an extended overseas travel, or when a meritorious need calls for it.

Appointment is not necessary.

In your application form, please enter your mobile phone, landline phone and email address correctly.

Kindly bring the following documentary requirements:

1. Accomplished application for passport renewal (Please ensure that all entries in the application form are true and accurate, otherwise, reprinting due to errors shall be at the expense of applicant).

2. Current Philippine passport and photocopy of passport information page

3. Belgium ID

4. For married women who need to change maiden surname to husband's surname: Report of Marriage issued by a Philippine embassy or consulate (if marriage was solemnized outside of the Philippines) or original Philippine Statistics Office-issued Marriage Certificate authenticated by DFA (if marriage was solemnized in the Philippines)

New passport will be available about six weeks after renewal.

Please present the following when claiming the new passport:

1. Current Philippine passport (to be cancelled and returned to the passport owner). The new passport will NOT be released if the old passport is not presented for cancellation.

2. Signed authorization letter from, photocopy of the ID or passport of the passport owner and payment receipt -  if new passport will be claimed by an authorized third person. The new passport will NOT be released if these requirements are not presented.


Travel Document

A Filipino citizen who lost or accidentally damaged a valid passport and wishes to return to the Philippines immediately may apply for a travel document, valid only for one direct travel to the Philippines.  There is no need for an appointment.

The Embassy will request for clearance from DFA for the issuance of replacement passports; hence, processing will take more than six weeks.

Basic Requirements:

  • Personal appearanceof the applicant at the Embassy
  • Affidavit of damage of passport (for mutilated/damaged passports only)
  • Original copy of police report on loss passport
  • Photocopy of old Philippine passport or Philippine Statistics Office (PSA)-issued birth certificate
  • Three passport photos taken within the last six months, withwhite background
  • Duly accomplished application form, obtained at the Embassy
  • Cash payment of EUR27.00


Philippine Embassy in Brussels


297 Avenue Moliere, 1050 Brussels

Consular matters: (+32) 02 340 33 73 
Consular matters: (+32) 02 340 33 74

Trunkline: (+32) 02 340 33 77 to 78

Fax Number: (+32) 02 345 64 25
Duty Officer: (+32) 0488 609.177


PH Consulates



Consul General, a.h.

Venneborglaan 90, 2100 Deurne, Antwerp
Tel No./Fax (03) 325.71. 16


Consul General, a.h.

New Ernst & Young Bldg.35E Avenue John F. Kennedy 2L-1855 Luxembourg
Tel. No. (+352) 42 124 8444
(+352) 42 124 84 06 



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