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July 12 Issuance of the ruling on the Arbitrtration Case
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30 June 2016

The Permanent Court of Arbitration has announced on 29 June 2016 that the Tribunal will issue its final Award on the arbitration between the Republic of the Philippines and the People’s Republic of China on Tuesday, 12 July 2016.

The Department of Foreign Affairs wishes to state the following:

1. The arbitration proceedings commenced on 22 January 2013 when the Philippines filed a Notification and Statement of Claim “with respect to the dispute with China over the maritime jurisdiction of the Philippines on the West Philippine Sea” pursuant to Articles 286 and 287 of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and in accordance with Article 1 of Annex VII of the said Convention. The Philippines invited China to participate in the proceedings.

2. Following the constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal and the adoption of the Rules of Procedures, the Philippines submitted a Memorial on 20 March 2014. China was requested by the Tribunal to submit a counter-memorial, but it rejected this request. However, on 7 December 2014, China issued a Position Paper, which the Tribunal treated together with certain communications from China as constituting a plea concerning jurisdiction. The Tribunal requested further written arguments from the Philippines for submission in March 2015.

3. The Tribunal heard Philippine oral arguments during the hearing on jurisdiction and admissibility on 7-13 July 2015. All Chinese arguments on jurisdiction and admissibility as contained in the Position Paper and other communications from China were properly considered. Article 9 of Annex VII of the Convention provides that “absence of a party or failure of a party to defend its case shall not constitute a bar to the proceedings. Before making an Award, the Arbitral Tribunal must satisfy itself that it has jurisdiction over the dispute but also that the claim is well-founded in fact and law.”

4. On 29 October 2015, the Tribunal issued a unanimous Award on jurisdiction and admissibility. China’s Position Paper was duly considered and thoroughly discussed in the Tribunal’s Award. The Tribunal held that China’s decision not to participate in these hearings does not deprive the Tribunal of jurisdiction and that the Philippines’ decision to commence arbitration unilaterally was not an abuse of the Convention’s dispute settlement procedures.

5. On 24-30 November 2015, the Tribunal conducted hearing on the merits and remaining issues and admissibility. The Philippines and China were given until 9 December 2015 to review and submit corrections to the transcript of the hearing, which is published in the official website of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. The Tribunal also decided to provide China with the opportunity to comment in writing, by 1 January 2016, on anything said during the meeting or submitted in writing by the Philippines.

6. The Tribunal entered deliberations soon after, stating its intention to issue the Award in 2016. Despite its non-appearance, China is and remains a Party to the arbitration and is bound under international law by an Award rendered by the Tribunal.

7. The Philippines believes that the rule of law prescribes a just and peaceful means of resolving differences, which is why the Philippines will fully respect the Tribunal’s Award as an affirmation of the UNCLOS and hopes that members of the international community and Parties to the Convention will do the same.

Independence Day Celebration in Luxembourg
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Philippine Consul General (ad honorem) for Luxembourg Mr. Alain Kinsch, Country Managing Partner of  Ernst & Young Luxembourg, together with Her Excellency, Philippine Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg Victoria S. Bataclan, hosted around two hundred (200) Luxembourg government officials, business and trade people as well as diplomats from the different missions represented in Luxembourg to a reception in celebration of the 118th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence at Cercle Cité in Luxembourg on 16 June 2016.

In their individual speeches, Consul General Kinsch and Ambassador Bataclan highlighted the friendly relations which have existed between the two countries for the past seventy (70) years.  Similar to Belgium, it is also the 70th year of Luxembourg-Philippine relations.

Luxembourg has always been supportive of Philippine initiatives particularly on the search for a peaceful resolution of the South China Sea disputes based on international law, specifically under UNCLOS (UN Convention on the Law of the Sea).

It will be recalled that Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert F. Del Rosario visited Luxembourg on July 2013 to renew bilateral ties with Luxembourg and promote trade and investment between the two countries.  Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn visited the Philippines in 2008.

In his speech, Consul General Kinsch cited the signing of the Philippines-Luxembourg Social Security Agreement (SSA) on May 2015  which provided for some 500 Filipino workers in Luxembourg and Filipino seafarers on board Luxembourg-flagged vessels to aggregate their contributions and receive continuous social protection whether in the Philippines or in Luxembourg. 

Consul General Kinsch also expressed his appreciation to the ‘vibrant’ Filipino community in Luxembourg which to him is an expression of solidarity and concrete support for the Filipinos in the Philippines.    Such Filipino community includes Filipino women married to Luxembourg nationals and the 164 Filipinos working in Luxembourg (according to STATEC, the government statistics service of Luxembourg).  Around 30 Filipinos are employed as accountants in the various financial institutions in Luxembourg such as Ernst & Young, Swiss Re Europe Holdings Inc., Capita Asset Services, Prologis Luxembourg etc.

Ambassador Bataclan took the opportunity to encourage Luxembourg officials and  business people to send another Mission to the Philippines, similar to the Economic Mission of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce to the Philippines in November 2015 and to the one which Belgium will be having in the year 2017.   She also spoke personally with the Chairman of E&Y Luxembourg and invited him to conduct a team-building activity of E&Y executives in the Philippines.  As in previous occasions, the Ambassador took every chance to promote the Philippines as an investment and tourist destinations.

Consul General Kinsch also took the celebration of the 118th Anniversary of Philippine Independence and the 70 Years of Philippine-Luxembourg relations as the occasion to host and to feature world-renowned pianist Dr. Raul Sunico at a Private Concert at the E&Y Auditorium of the very new E&Y building headquarters along Kennedy Road in Luxembourg.

In his Remarks,  the E&Y Chief Executive Officer, said that he is presenting this Concert because the (Philippine) Ambassador has always reminded him that it is not enough to promote business relations alone, but it would also provide additional benefits to promote cultural relations between the Philippines and Luxembourg.

Dr. Sunico delighted the audience  with his heartwarming renditions of Prelude in C# Minor, op. 3 no 2; Aragon;  Etude in E, op. 10 no. 3; Polonaise in A-flat, op. 53; Liebestraum; Liebestod; Bato sa Buhangin; Hanggang sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan; and Rhapsody in Blue

Dr. Sunico is the current President of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Dean of the UST Conservatory of Music.

Celebration of the 155th Birth Anniversary of Jose Rizal
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PH Embassy in Brussels hosts Filipino Community Celebration of 155th Birth Anniversary of Rizal

On 19 June 2016, the Philippine Embassy joined the Filipino Community, including the Knights of Rizal (KOR) from various chapters all over Belgium, in celebrating the 155th birthday of Philippine National Hero, Dr Jose RIzal.

Speaking on behalf of Ambassador Victoria S Bataclan, Deputy Chief of Mission and Consul General Alan L Deniega welcomed nearly 80 guests at the Philippine Embassy in Brussels, among who are the Filipino and Belgian leaders and members of the Alst Chapter, Brussels Chapter, Charleroi Chapter, Diamond Chapter, and El Filibusterismo Belgium Chapter of the KOR, as well as the leaders and members of Kababaihang Rizalista and Las Damas de Rizal.

ConGen Deniega noted the welcome and hospitality Dr Rizal received in Belgium. Dr Rizal spent some months in Belgium, including Brussels and Ghent, where he continued to write articles for La Solidaridad and eventually concluded his second seminal novel, El Filibusterismo. This year is especially significant not only because of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Belgium, but also because of the 125th anniversary of the publication of the El Filibusterismo in Ghent. The Embassy in partnership with the KOR is currently preparing for a commemorative conference on Dr Rizal in September in Ghent. Renowned Filipino historian Ambeth Ocampo will be among the speakers.

A floral offering was conducted on the grounds of the Embassy, followed by a programme of fellowship and affirmation to the ideals and principles of Dr Rizal. A Capella Manila, a choral group based in the Philippines, joined in the celebrations and presented a repertoire of contemporary and traditional Filipino songs.

Inaugural address of H.E. President Rodrigo Duterte
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President Fidel Ramos, sir, salamat po sa tulong mo making me President; President Joseph Ejercito Estrada; Senate President Franklin Drilon and the members of the Senate; Speaker Feliciano Belmonte and the members of the House of Representatives; Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court; His Excellency Guiseppe Pinto and the members of the Diplomatic Corps; incoming members of the Cabinet; fellow workers in government; my fellow countrymen.

No leader, however strong, can succeed at anything of national importance or significance unless he has the support and cooperation of the people he is tasked to lead and sworn to serve.

It is the people from whom democratic governments draw strength and this administration is no exception. That is why we have to listen to the murmurings of the people, feel their pulse, supply their needs and fortify their faith and trust in us whom they elected to public office.

There are many amongst us who advance the assessment that the problems that bedevil our country today which need to be addressed with urgency, are corruption, both in the high and low echelons of government, criminality in the streets, and the rampant sale of illegal drugs in all strata of Philippine society and the breakdown of law and order. True, but not absolutely so. For I see these ills as mere symptoms of a virulent social disease that creeps and cuts into the moral fiber of Philippine society. I sense a problem deeper and more serious than any of those mentioned or all of them put together. But of course, it is not to say that we will ignore them because they have to be stopped by all means that the law allows.

Erosion of faith and trust in government – that is the real problem that confronts us. Resulting therefrom, I see the erosion of the people’s trust in our country’s leaders; the erosion of faith in our judicial system; the erosion of confidence in the capacity of our public servants to make the people’s lives better, safer and healthier.

Indeed ours is a problem that dampens the human spirit. But all is not lost.

I know that there are those who do not approve of my methods of fighting criminality, the sale and use of illegal drugs and corruption. They say that my methods are unorthodox and verge on the illegal. In response let me say this:

I have seen how corruption bled the government of funds, which were allocated for the use in uplifting the poor from the mire that they are in.

I have seen how illegal drugs destroyed individuals and ruined family relationships.

I have seen how criminality, by means all foul, snatched from the innocent and the unsuspecting, the years and years of accumulated savings. Years of toil and then, suddenly, they are back to where they started.

Look at this from that perspective and tell me that I am wrong.

In this fight, I ask Congress and the Commission on Human Rights and all others who are similarly situated to allow us a level of governance that is consistent to our mandate. The fight will be relentless and it will be sustained.

As a lawyer and a former prosecutor, I know the limits of the power and authority of the president.  I know what is legal and what is not.

My adherence to due process and the rule of law is uncompromising.

You mind your work and I will mind mine.

“Malasakit;” “Tunay na Pagbabago; Tinud-anay (real) nga Kausaban(change)” [applause] – these are words which catapulted me to the presidency. These slogans were conceptualized not for the sole purpose of securing the votes of the electorate.  “Tinud-anay nga kabag-uhan (real change). Mao kana ang tumong sa atong pang-gobyerno (this is the direction of our government).”

Far from that. These were battle cries articulated by me in behalf of the people hungry for genuine and meaningful change. But the change, if it is to be permanent and significant, must start with us and in us.  

To borrow the language of F. Sionil Jose, we have become our own worst enemies. And we must have the courage and the will to change ourselves.

Love of country, subordination of personal interests to the common good, concern and care for the helpless and the impoverished – these are among the lost and faded values that we seek to recover and revitalize as we commence our journey towards a better Philippines. The ride will be rough. But come and join me just the same. Together, shoulder to shoulder, let us take the first wobbly steps in this quest.

There are two quotations from revered figures that shall serve as the foundation upon which this administration shall be built.

“The test of government is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide for those who have little.”

-  Franklin Delano Roosevelt

And from (Abraham) Lincoln I draw this expression:

“You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong; You cannot help the poor by discouraging the rich; You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer; You cannot further the brotherhood by inciting class hatred among men.”

My economic and financial, political policies are contained in those quotations, though couched in general terms. Read between the lines. I need not go into specifics now. They shall be supplied to you in due time.

However, there are certain policies and specifics of which cannot wait for tomorrow to be announced.

Therefore, I direct all department secretaries and the heads of agencies to reduce requirements and the processing time of all applications, [applause] from the submission to the release. I order all department secretaries and heads of agencies to remove redundant requirements and compliance with one department or agency, shall be accepted as sufficient for all.

I order all department secretaries and heads of agencies to refrain from changing and bending the rules government contracts, transactions and projects already approved and awaiting implementation. [applause] Changing the rules when the game is on-going is wrong.

I abhor secrecy and instead advocate transparency [applause] in all government contracts, projects and business transactions from submission of proposals to negotiation to perfection and finally, to consummation.

Do them and we will work together. [applause] Do not do them, we will part sooner than later.

On the international front and community of nations, let me reiterate that the Republic of the Philippines will honor treaties and international obligations.

On the domestic front, my administration is committed to implement all signed peace agreements in step with constitutional and legal reforms.

I am elated by the expression of unity among our Moro brothers and leaders, and the response of everyone else to my call for peace.

I look forward to the participation of all other stakeholders, particularly our indigenous peoples, to ensure inclusivity in the peace process.

Let me remind in the end of this talk, that I was elected to the presidency to serve the entire country. I was not elected to serve the interests of any one person or any group or any one class. I serve every one and not only one.

That is why I have adapted as an article of faith, the following lines written by someone whose name I could no longer recall. He said:

“I have no friends to serve, I have no enemies to harm.”

Prescinding therefrom, I now ask everyone, and I mean everyone, to join me as we embark on this crusade for a better and brighter tomorrow.

But before I end, let me express the nations, on behalf of the people, our condolences to the Republic of Turkey of what has happened in the place. We offer our deepest condolences.

Why am I here? Hindi kasali ito diyan. [laughs] The past tense was, I am here because I love my country and I love the people of the Philippines. I am here, why? Because I am ready to start my work for the nation.

Thank you and good afternoon.

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Consular Outreach (Luxembourg)
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The Philippine Embassy in Brussels is pleased to announce that an Embassy consular team will be in Luxembourg City on:



11 June 2016, Saturday

9:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.

1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Consular Office

New Ernst & Young Building

35E, Avenue John F. Kennedy

L-1855 Luxembourg

12 June 2016, Sunday

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.



Services Available:

· New Passport Applications

· Renewal of Passport

· Legalization of documents (Affidavits, Special Power of Attorney-SPA, Authentication)

· Civil registration (Report of Birth, Report of Marriage, Report of Death)

· Petitions for reacquisition/retention of Philippine citizenship (R.A. 9225)

· Tourist visa (receipt of applications only)

· Fingerprinting for NBI Clearance application

· Legal clinic

If you wish to avail yourself of any of the above services, please pre-register by sending us your name, mobile number and the transaction that you will request at the mobile outreach through an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You will get a confirmation from the Embassy of the time slot reserved for you, as well as further instructions as needed.

Please be reminded that only applications with complete documentary requirements will be processed.  It is therefore important for the applicant to review thoroughly the basic requirements of every application.  Please check the website of the Philippine Embassy for the requirements.

As applications will need to be processed in Brussels, please ensure that you also include a self-addressed envelope together with your application and a registered mailing fee of 10 EUR.

Due to audit regulations, we only accept cash payments.

We look forward to serving you in Luxembourg.




New Passport/Passport renewal

54.00 EUR

Legalization (red ribbon)

22.50 EUR

Civil Registration

- Report of Birth/Marriage/Death

- Affidavit for delayed registration

22.50 EUR

22.50 EUR

Petition for Reacquisition/Retention of Philippine citizenship

45.00 EUR

(additional 22.50 EUR for each qualified dependent, not more than 18 years of age)


- 9A temporary visit

27.00 EUR / 36.00 EUR

NBI Clearance application fingerprinting

22.50 EUR

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