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EU Lifts ban on Cebu Pacific
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The Philippine Embassy and Mission to the European Union in Brussels is pleased to announce that the European Union (EU) has lifted the air ban on Cebu Pacific Air.  The Decision, announced by the European Union Delegation in Manila on 10 April 2014, follows a series of intensive consultations in Brussels between the EU's Air Safety Committee, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) and the management of Cebu Pacific.

As a result of this Decision, Cebu Pacific may now be able to begin flights to any destination within the EU.

Cebu Pacific joints Philippine Airlines, which was removed from the EU list of banned airlines in July 2013.

The lifting of the ban on the Philippines' two biggest airlines will contribute significantly to the country's efforts to boost tourist arrivals from Europe.  As of 2013, the Philippines welcomed over 470,000 visitors from Europe. END

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Submiision of PH's Memorial to the Arbitral Tribunal
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30 March 2014

Thank you everyone for your presence here on a Sunday.

Today, the Philippines submitted its Memorial to the Arbitral Tribunal that is hearing the case it brought against the People's Republic of China under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in January 2013.

The Philippines' Memorial was submitted in conformity with the Rules of Procedure adopted by the five-member Arbitral Tribunal last August, which established 30 March 2014 as the due date for its submission.

The Memorial presents the Philippines' case on the jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal and the merits of its claims. It consists of ten volumes. Volume I, which is 270 pages in length, contains the Philippines' analysis of the applicable law and the relevant evidence, and demonstrates that the Arbitral Tribunal has jurisdiction over all of the claims made by the Philippines' in its Statement of Claim, and that every claim is meritorious. It sets out the specific relief sought by the Philippines in regard to each of its claims, and shows why it is entitled to such relief.

Volumes II through X contain the documentary evidence and maps that support the Philippines' claims, all of which are cited in Volume I. Volumes II through X consist of more than 3,700 pages, including more than 40 maps, for a total submission of nearly 4,000 pages.

The Memorial is the result of an enormous, collaborative effort by the extremely capable and dedicated legal team that has been serving the Philippines in this important case, headed by Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza and a team of lawyers from various agencies, including the OSG, DFA, DOJ, and the Office of the President.

I also wish to thank other government agencies for their invaluable contribution in the generation of documents including:

  • The Department of Justice (DOJ);
  • The Department of National Defense (DND), particularly the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine Navy, and Philippine Air Force (PAF) ;
  • The Department of Transportation and Communications, particularly the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG);
  • The Department of Environment and Natural Resources, specifically the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA);
  • The Department of Energy (DOE);
  • The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR);
  • The Foreign Service Institute (FSI);
  • And other agencies such as National Museum, National Historical Commission, National Archives, DILG's Philippine National Police, Municipality of Kalayaan, and the UP Marine Science Institute.

We are also most grateful to our international legal advisers led by Paul Reichler and his team of international lawyers, including Mr. Lawrence H. Martin, Professor Bernard H. Oxman, Professor Philippe Sands, and Professor Alan Boyle for their invaluable guidance and assistance.

Ordinarily, the next step in an arbitration of this nature would be the filing of a Counter-Memorial by the other Party. However, it is currently unknown whether China will appear in the case, or whether it will continue its present policy of abstaining from the proceedings. Under the Rules of Procedure, the Arbitral Tribunal will decide on next steps and advise the Parties.

The Philippines will follow the guidance of the Arbitral Tribunal in regard to the publication of the Memorial. In the meantime, out of respect for the Tribunal and the arbitral process, it is obliged to preserve confidentiality.

With firm conviction, the ultimate purpose of the Memorial is our national interest.

It is about defending what is legitimately ours.

It is about securing our children's future.

It is about guaranteeing freedom of navigation for all nations.

It is about helping to preserve regional peace, security and stability.

And finally, it is about seeking not just any kind of resolution but a just and durable solution grounded on International Law.

Thank you very much indeed for your kind attention.

Embassy hosts FilCom Assembly, discusses migrant workers issues
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The Philippine Embassy in Brussels hosted the 1st Assembly of Filipino Community Leaders in Belgium and Luxembourg for the year 2014 on the evening of March 7th at the Chancery's Conference Room.

The first Assembly for the year 2014 focused in particular on migrant workers issues and, in particular on trafficking in persons.  Ambassador Reynaldo Catapang, the Executive Director of the DFA's Office of Migrant Workers Affairs, briefed the Assembly on the Philippine Government's efforts towards combating trafficking in persons and illegal recruitment.  He also discussed with the Leaders the various programs in place to protect the interests of Filipinos overseas and to assist those in distress.

The Embassy convenes the quarterly Assembly of Leaders to update the community about all aspects of the Embassy's work program that have a bearing on the welfare of Filipinos in Belgium and Luxembourg.  The Assembly also allows the Embassy and the community organizations to exchange views on developments in the Philippines, as well as to plan community-wide events including Independence Day and Christmas celebrations.  END


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Visit of the Ambassador to the Walloon Parliament
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H.E. Victoria S. Bataclan, Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to the Kingdom of Belgium visited the Walloon Parliament on 13 March 2014.  She was welcomed by the Parliament's President, Mr. Patrick Dupriez.

During the visit, the Ambassador discussed with Mr. Dupriez the issue of the ratification of the PCA between the EU and the Republic of the Philippines, signed on 11 July 2012.  The Philippines hopes the ratification of the agreement by the EU in 2014, the 50th anniversary of the relations between the Republic of the Philippines and the EU. He informed the Ambassador that the Walloon Parliament had ratified it on 10 July 2013.

Ambassador Bataclan and Mr. Dupriez also discussed the issue of federalism. The Ambassador informed Mr. Dupriez of the existence of 75 provinces and an autonomous region of Mindanao in the Philippines. She recalled that a delegation from the House of representatives of the Philippines travelled to Belgium a few years ago to study the Belgian federal model.

At the economic level, discussions were highlighted by the mission of a delegation of the AWEX to five ASEAN countries including the Philippines scheduled from 10 to 21 March 2014.  The Ambassador called for the enhancement of economic ties between Wallonia and the Philippines. She welcomed the existence of a Welcome Office for the countries of ASEAN in Namur.





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PH joins Bel-Asia Fair and Salon Idees Vacances
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Ambassador Victoria S. Bataclan leads the Philippine Embassy in Brussels as it joins the 31st Bel-Asia "Asia's Festival and Fair" at the Centre Zandloper of Wemmel, Belgium on 15 to 16 February 2014 and the 59th Salon Idees Vacances (Salon Vacation Ideas) at the Charleroi Expo in Charleroi, Belgium on 20 to 23 February 2014.

The Philippine Embassy booth attracted visitors, not only due to its colorful display of Philippine posters and brochures but also because of its offer for a free taste of a Don Papa Rum-cum-Philippine mango juice cocktail.

At the Bel-Asia fair, the Philippine booth flaunted a 3x2 meter backdrop of the Palawan Underground River - proclaimed by the New7Wonders foundation as one of the new7Wonders of Nature; while it exhibited real Philippine mangoes at the Salon des Vacances.

Tourism brochures of such places as Boracay, Cordillera, Iloilo, Davao and Palawan and of the entire country were distributed.  Aseana Travel, the only travel agency in Belgium specializing in travel to the Philippines, provided tour packages and gave out brochures detailing these packages.

At the Bel-Asia fair, Filipiniana Europa vzw, a Filipino community group in Belgium led by Ms. Juliet Frisnedi presented a variety of Philippine dances while Mr. Dominiek Segaert, Founder and Chairman of Vriendschap voor den Filipijnen (Friendship for the Philippines) and a Knights of Rizal Commander twice presented a Lecture on the peculiarities of Philippine Culture vis-à-vis the Belgian culture while Karel Corthals, a friend of the Philippines, presented a video documentary on "Philippines, an a-typical Asian Country full of surprises".

At the Salon des Vacances, Ambassador Bataclan volunteered to contribute Filipino aperitif at the Vietnamese reception for local government officials, organizers and selected guests.  (Vietnam is feature country.)

The Bel-Asia festival also featured Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Uzbekistan as well as twelve (12) tour operators, five (5) airline companies and twenty-four (24) non-government organizations.  Partnering with the European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS) this year, it also featured EIAS forums on EU-Indonesia Trade and Investment - Invigorating Economic Relations with Ambassador Arif Havas Oegroseno of Indonesia and Corporate Social Responsibility in India and the Investment in Research and Development by Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri of India.  The festival also included a Mongolian fashion show, taiko drummers, Bollywood dancers and workshops on Tibetan Yoga, Japanese Tea Ceremony, a Cambodian dancer, Thai cooking and sushi-making classes etc.  This year's visitors totally approximately 1,500.

The Salon Idees Vacances of Charleroi featured some 200 booths from tourist villages, campsites, bed & breakfast, travel agencies, and those from the countries of Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam.  END


Click for Photo Releases Bel-Asia & Salon Idees Vacances

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